ME-Ticket provides maximum simplicity and autonomous functionality for the full cycle of online event ticketing, including listing management, ticket sales, and provision of associated services.

The withdrawal of funds

Update Anytime

We have developed a system of event statuses for maximum convenience and flexibility of event management. You can pause event creation anytime, save the listing to Draft, and come back to it later. Track the ticket sales progress and edit event description even after it's been posted to catalog to increase its attractiveness for the potential audience. Move finished events to Archive to focus on the upcoming ones, but keep an opportunity to edit and reuse previous templates.

Financial control

Pace Your Sales

The ticket selling process gets completely autonomous with ME-Ticket. However, if you need to pause the sales for any particular event for some reason, you can do it with one click, and resume later just as easily. We will notify users to come back for tickets later instead of deleting paused events from the catalog altogether, so you shouldn't worry about starting over again.


Track Your Progress

After event publication, you will be able to check real-time data on the number of event page views, the number of tickets sold and left, the amount of money you've already earned. Detailed financial reports can be accessed as long as you need them. With more data being collected, the statistics for all of your events will be displayed in a separate dashboard with multiple viewing modes available.

Lack of commission

No Commission

Our platform is absolutely free and does not charge a commission for the tickets sold. However, if you would like to discover more features and unlock access to private development requests, you can learn about the possibilities of the paid version Hier.



With ME-Ticket you and your customers don't have to worry about the safety of your personal data. We guarantee that it will be stored in an encrypted form and will not be sent to third parties.

24/7 support

24/7 support

Support Service is always in touch. Our experts are ready to answer any of your questions, regardless of the time zone you are in.

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