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Automated Ticketing

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Statistics and Data Capture

24/7 call centre

Ticket office and cashier office

Payment system

For whom?

Our system is perfect for any type of event, you don't have to worry about check-in points or registration to accept payments. ME TICKET CRM does it all for you.

Concerts & events organisers

Large concerts or local events

Excursions, museums, cinema and theatre

Make it easy and safe to book your events

Sport events organisers

Local tournaments or world championships

Online / Offline services

Automatically record webinars, massages, transportation, etc.

The possibilities of CRM


Full statistics on the reach of the event

Detailed information on the number of users who switched to your event, from which city, country, from which device. All of this is available both in visual format and in CSV upload format.


Mobile application

You do not need to buy expensive scanners to check the authenticity of tickets - everything is in our application which can be installed on any mobile phone. Our mobile app also allows you to confirm the booking or registration for your event so you have full control of what will happen at any time.

A safe and secure system

The process of your customers purchasing a ticket and receiving an admission ticket with a QR code is fully automated and excludes any possibility of tampering or rejection. You also have the option to connect your own payment system, or use ours if you dont have the time or energy to do so.


How does it all work?

Create an event

Add description and media content

Specify ticket price and quota

Different price ranges available

Analyse your sales

Control your sales stats with graph

Control entry

Scan tickets purchased with the app



Created events around the world

24 hours

From event creation to sales launch


Free tools for effective sales


All collected customer data is protected and encrypted

Data is not transferred or used by third parties

The solution is publicly available for all types of events and activities

Ready to try the product?

We are always ready to help you in learning and discovering our platform. And we are open to any suggestions from the organisers in refining the CRM, the main thing is your comfort and efficiency.