Shipping & Payment


The final currency for all purchases made with ME-Ticket is USD. If the Customer makes a purchase in any other currency, it will be converted into USD upon payment at the exchange rate valid on the day of the sale.

Payment methods

ME-Ticket accepts payments made via Stripe, which supports all popular payment methods, such as Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.

Who do you buy from

ME-Ticket is a platform for the sale and purchase of tickets; it does not organize or hold any events. ME-Ticket acts as an intermediary between the Event Organizer and the Customer, ensuring that the funds submitted for ticket purchase by the Customer are transferred to the Organizer. Ticket prices and quantity are set solely by the Organizer.

Purchase confirmation

After the Customer makes a payment on the website, ME-Ticket sends an email confirming the ticket purchase to the email address specified by the Customer. The email also includes digital tickets for the event.

Service fees, order processing fees, delivery fees, taxes

ME-Ticket does not charge a fee for the services provided. An additional fee may only be charged by the payment system that you choose. The Organizer at their discretion may charge a fee for the delivery of paper tickets to a ticket sales point if such an option is available and selected. It is the responsibility of the Organizer to include taxes to the final price of tickets in accordance with the jurisdiction of their country.

Ticket purchase limits

One Customer can purchase a limited number of tickets for one event. Such a measure has been introduced to counteract ticket fraud and resale. Using multiple accounts to bypass these limits is considered a violation of ME-Ticket's Terms and Conditions. In this case, ME-Ticket reserves the right to block the Customer's account.

Ticket transfer

The Customer can transfer their tickets to other people. Each ticket purchased with ME-Ticket is unique and cannot be duplicated. All activities for ticket validation are handled by the Organizer.

Event related risks

ME-Ticket holds no responsibility for the events where the Customer's health may be at risk. Compliance with safety rules at the venue is monitored by the Organizer.

Compliance with event organizer's rules

By purchasing a ticket, the Customer agrees to the rules of the event established by the Organizer. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse admittance or expel from the audience any person whose behavior violates these rules. No refund is provided in this case. The Organizer undertakes to notify their Customers of said rules in advance.

Agreement to event recording

The Customer agrees to the public nature of the event, the Customer's appearance, and activities inside and outside the event venue. The Customer agrees that their actions at the event will not be confidential. By purchasing a ticket, the Customer agrees to be recorded on camera in case the event is filmed.

Virtual events

If the Customer purchases a ticket for a virtual event, such an event can be viewed solely for personal purposes. The Customer may not record, copy, publicly display or distribute the virtual event by any means, resell access to the virtual event, or let other users log into their account to attend the virtual event.

Security check at venue entrance

By making a purchase, the Customer agrees that they may be subjected to a search as a security measure upon entering the event venue.

Illegal ticket sales and promotions

Illegal resale of tickets (or its attempt), including but not limited to counterfeiting or copying tickets, is subject to penalties according to jurisdiction. Such tickets are made void without a refund. ME-Ticket reserves the right to restrict or deny the privilege of purchasing tickets to any person who is considered to have violated our policies. ME-Ticket recommends that you purchase tickets directly through us, other authorized partners, or at the event venue's box office to verify the authenticity of the tickets. Tickets may not be used for advertising, promotions, contests, or sweepstakes without official written permission provided by ME-Ticket.