Refunds & Exchanges

General provisions

All ticket sales are considered final. Refunds are only available under limited circumstances as described in this section. General ticket return and refund rules are established by the Event Organizers. These rules usually prohibit ME-Ticket from exchanging tickets or refunding money after a ticket has been purchased, as well as lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed.

Cancellation of the event

If the event has been canceled, the Organizer undertakes to provide Customers with a full refund for all the tickets sold for this event.

Rescheduling of the event

If the event has been rescheduled, tickets to the event remain valid. The Organizer may offer a refund at their discretion.

Cancellation of an opening act or a festival performance

Cancellation of the opening act is not considered a sufficient reason for a refund if the headlining act still takes place. No refund is provided for festival tickets if one or more performances within said festival have been canceled.

Changes to the venue's seating plan

Refunds will not be made if the Organizer has introduced changes to the venue's seating arrangement, including addition of extra seats.

Violation of the rules of the event

If the Customer violates the rules for the event established by the Organizer, they are not allowed admittance, and the refund cannot be applied.

Refund for paper tickets

If paper tickets have been purchased through the ME-Ticket website, the refund is made in accordance with the current rules. ME-Ticket does not bear any responsibility for the ticket refund if the event is presented on the ME-Ticket website, but the ticket has been purchased through other platforms, including physical ticket sale points.

Refund procedure

Refunds are made via the original payment method. For example, if the Customer has purchased tickets using a credit card, the funds are returned to this very card.

Transfer of tickets

If the event has been canceled or rescheduled, only the Customer who directly purchased the tickets is entitled to a refund. If the tickets have been transferred to another person, they are not entitled to a refund.

Ticket exchange

Ticket exchange is the Event Organizer's responsibility. The Organizer may provide exchange options to their Customers at their discretion.