Costruttore di eventi

Creating an event takes several easy steps with our intuitive event registration tool. Fill in the event description, time and place, add a poster, set ticket pricing, and get an event listing ready for promotion and ticket sales.

The number of tickets

Multitude of Event Types & Categories

Contrary to other ticketing platforms that only sell concert and sports game tickets, ME-Ticket pays as much attention to events in comedy, beauty and health, business and education, culture and experience. We make sure that assembling a team for kayak rafting is just as easy as selling passes for yoga class. On top of that, you can list an event under several categories, like genres or formats, to help customers find it faster in our catalog.


Vast Event Geography

Our team is working relentlessly on expanding ME-Ticket's location database, with more than 10,000 cities already available. If the venue for your event is not in our list yet, you can add it just by writing down its address. Your event will apppear in ME-Ticket landing pages for the respective country and city, which guarantees better awareness among locals and leads to higher attendance rates.

Price and class of tickets

Tipi di biglietti personalizzati

Whether it is a huge stadium concert or a guided tour for small groups, with ME-Ticket you can sell as many tickets as the venue can accommodate. Do you want to diversify your event and offer more? Create several ticket types, each with its own price and access conditions. Make your event even more attractive by holding meet & greets, arranging VIP zones, and giving social discounts.

Electronic and paper tickets

Vendite on-line e off-line

ME-Ticket allows you to decide how to organize sales, online or offline. If you'd like to leave customers a paper ticket as a pleasant memorabilia of your event, just indicate the address and contact details of the ticket sales point. It will be displayed to customers after they decide to buy the tickets. If you choose to keep it digital, event attendants will receive an email with automatically generated tickets containing a QR code for validation at the venue.

Smart catalog

Revenue Withdrawal

For online ticket sales, ME-Ticket employs the Stripe technology to support all popular payment methods, such as cards, digital wallets, etc. If you have a Stripe account, you can receive money from each ticket purchase directly. Otherwise, you will receive the entire revenue at once - provide your account details, and we'll do the rest for you.

Payment systems

Optional Returns & Exchange

We leave ticket returns and exchange completely up to your discretion. If you'd like to make it possible, fill in a form with the terms and contact details. It will be shown in a specific section of the event page for customers to consider even before buying the tickets.

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